Margie & Jeff Fullelove were enjoying a spiritually rewarding holiday through Thailand & Burma in 2005/6…. At that time I am not sure that they had any idea of what that holiday would lead to.

In their travels, their hearts were changed when they came face to face with some of the displaced and orphaned children of Burma.

Margie & Jeff are well renowned for their civic efforts with their Church, and the local Drug action group (and of late, with their efforts in the Joondalup Christmas Lunch) amongst so many of their other personal contributions and efforts and other charity endeavours …..

But I believe that what they witnessed in Burma had really touched them, and at that point the seeds were planted for another humanitarian calling.

At the same time back in Perth….. oblivious & unrelated, I had started my draft for a charity that would add value back to my birthland Burma. This had been a dream of mine since childhood…..although I had never been back to Burma, I have always been acutely aware of the poverty and deprivation of the children of Burma and the life that I had avoided. Marie and I sat opposite each other and again discussed what we could be done.

Although, Marie & I and Margie & Jeff had been great friends years before, life’s usual “twists and turns” had meant that we had lost touch for quite some time.

If I ever needed any convincing that God has a plan…. This was it.

Marie & Margie had a chance meeting one day in a shopping centre and for all intents and purposes it was just two friends that were glad to see each other after a long time. I am sure that the discussion covered a lot of subjects, but the one subject that rose out of the conversation was our common goal of helping the children of Burma. Within a three week period Marie and Margie had “bumped into each other” by chance three times and the conversation deepened each time.

This was the beginning of the Pink Jade Educational Fund.

After many meetings and discussions between the four of us, we realised the synergy that we had, as we united for the cause.

Since then we have built our synergy into a growing charity that has a focussed past and a dedicated future.

Now…. it feels like we have always been here, and for the sake of the children I hope that we always will be here.

Andre Thane 2010