The Poorest of the Poor

The Poorest of the Poor

The current situation in Myanmar/Burma continues to be not in favour of the most vulnerable children and families in Myanmar with the violence on the rise across the country. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet warned that urgent action is needed to ensure that the situation in Myanmar does not spiral out of control. 

A recent report by UN Human Rights Office stated that Myanmar is facing an economy in freefall and the devastating impact of a murderous military coup and the COVID-19 pandemic as a human rights catastrophe that shows no signs of abating. The sharp depreciation of Myanmar currency (kyat) has caused the rise in commodity prices such as essential foods, medicines and fuel which is severely impacting people’s daily lives. 

Pink Jade is focused on bringing education to children who would otherwise not have had access to education. The government over many years has seen funding the military as a priority over the health and education sectors, and therefore there are massive numbers of children who are uneducated. On top of this parents are forced to retain children at home to work on the family farms, particularly from the age of 10. 

With Gods help we would like to invest something in these children that no one can take away from them. 

Something that can bring them dignity and hope, the dignity and hope that can help them to rise and in some small way gain back freedom for their people. 

The one thing that no one can take away from them is Education. 

Education to live and assimilate in a society that has kept them oppressed. 

Education to understand that they can have dignity. 

Education to give them some hope of rising in freedom. 

Education to Educate and free their fellow countryman. 

Help us to invest in the “poorest of the poor”. 

…..with God’s grace,
Pink Jade Educational Fund